Whether you’re looking for hardwood, carpet, laminate, linoleum, tile or any other flooring, our professional installers can transform and improve the look of your home. We have over a decade of expertise installing floors of various kinds in homes of all sizes up and down the Grand Strand.

Choosing the right company to install your floor in one of the biggest decisions you can make. You can trust our team because we believe strongly in communication and working with you to find what works best in your home. We are also trusted by HomeAdvisor, with some of the highest reviews in the Myrtle Beach and Georgetown areas. We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to the communities we serve.

Why Should You Hire Flooring Installers?

Many people are choosing to install their own floors. While that may work for some home-owners, it’s always best to have a certified installer handle your flooring. But why? With all the tutorials out there and free advice online, it may look easy to install flooring in your home yourself. It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to install a floor, and there are several benefits to hiring us.

We Are Licensed and Insured

There are a number of benefits of using us to install your floor, rather than going it alone. One of the biggest advantages of using us is we offer fully licensed and insured services. That means we meet standards that are set by professional flooring industries that ensure honest, upfront communications on costs, precision measuring, and installing flooring with an understanding of the Myrtle Beach climate. Our installers must have the proper experience, class requirements and we need to maintain our licenses often. Our insurance will also give you piece of mind. If you try to install flooring yourself, anything can go wrong. Using a licensed installer means you are protected.

We Can Answer Your Questions

Another benefit of our services is experience. When you use us, you get years of experience working with all types of flooring. We can answer questions and give you options based on what we know about the Grand Strand, modern flooring and instillation. We understand finishing and the right type of flooring to choose, and we can take care of the logistics. We can also handle more complicated flooring installs, like patterning.

We Save You Time and Take Care of the Little Things

Most people are too busy to invest the time it takes to install their own floor. You definitely do not want to rush the process, or you may end up making mistakes, or end up with a floor that you will need to replace quickly. We will move quickly, however we will also take care of the details you may miss. We’ll also handle a lot of the little things that you may not want to deal with. We can remove your old flooring and properly dispose of it, for example. So don’t hesitate to contact us for your flooring needs. We serve the Grand Strand, including Georgetown County! For the best Myrtle Beach flooring installers, use our family-owned and operated business today. Contact us now for a risk-free estimate and we’ll reply to you asap!

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